Arthur Adam (NL) – Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Sounds


Stefan Schneider (D) – Drums/Sounds

AASS are Arthur Adam and Stefan Schneider.

Arthur Adam is a singer and songwriter from Enschede, The Netherlands, famous for his vocal reach and instrumental versatility. Stefan Schneider is a jazz drummer, living in Münster, Germany, well known for his energetic and free style, and for his various projects with top jazz musicians from Sweden, Germany and England.

Together they go beyond crossing mere borders. They make inspiration come to life. Sometimes they deconstruct existing Arthur Adam songs, sometimes they create new material from thin air. It is exciting and free music, somewhere between jazz and post-rock, played by 2 skilled improvisers, with the haunting poetical lyrics and vocals by Arthur Adam on top.

Listening to AASS is like stepping into a wild river. It will submerge you and take you to places you didn’t know existed.